Closing of the Bones Ceremony

Traditionally from Mexico, a Closing of the Bones is practised right after birth, to wrap and rock the mothers hips to align the bones and muscles back into place. There are no rules around it though.

A Closing of the Bones Ceremony can signify many different  milestones in the journey of life. Whether it be the end of a breast feeding journey, the closing of the womb due to infertility issues, the loss of a baby, or the entry into crone phase or menopause. It is a deeply healing and beautiful way to honour a women during the life changing transition she has gone through, either traumatic or joyous. Although, not limited to women or parents, some people choose to acknowledge parts of their life such as a divorce, seperation, marriage, moving home etc.

We hold emotion in our hips. Using Rebozo to wrap and rock that area helps us to align in our purpose, reset our minds and empower us with strength to step forward into our new realites.

Using various rituals of your choice, Nicky will weave her songbird magik throughout the ceremony, there are also options to incorporate singing and group drumming. Each ceremony is tailored individually to create the energy needed for the deep healing that you that you need for your situation.

Packages start at $250 (for 50km radius to kooralbyn valley)

Function Room hire available in Kooralbyn Valley if preferred.