1. On My Mind

From the recording Boo Hoo (DIGITAL)

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You caught my eye this morning, walking down the street
I sure did see you coming, you knocked me off my feet
I get this crazy feeling, I have to take a seat
Is that my heart you’re stealing, that boy I’d like to meet

Do you know what’s on my mind?
Don’t you know it’s been a long, long time?
I wanna feel your hand in mine
Want you loving me, like I’m loving you, yeah

Do do do do do baby
Do do do do do yeah

I can see you smiling, from across the room
I know you heard me cuming Boom Boom
You let those flowers bloom

Do you know what’s still on my mind?
‘Cause good boys like you are hard to find
I wanna feel your hand in mine
Do you wanna do, what I wanna do, yeah