Womens Circle Kooralbyn Valley

Are you looking for sisterhood? A place to be heard and your feminine presence honoured.

Each month we create a safe and sacred space for connection and sharing of newfound wisdom from our experiences of the last lunar cycle.

We are guided to express ourselves through craft, song, dance, sound healing and other activities. Each month will be different and there is zero expectations. You do you.

We want you to feel safe, held and nurtured with the support of other women. You deserve it!! We give so much of ourselves to others and it is important to give back to you.

If you are new to the ancient art of women’s circle or you are familiar with the practice, all women are welcome.

There is a beautiful energy that is created when women are together.  Feeling heard and accepted by our sisters is a vital piece of our divine existence.

Contribution: $10

(If you are unable to contribute you are still welcome).